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Why Joker Should Be A Prequel To Robert Pattinson's Batman Movie

5 minutes ago Warning: SPOILERS for Joker are in play. If  ...View More

Carnage Reportedly Isn’t The Only Villain Appearing In Venom 2

37 minutes ago Ever since a red-wigged Woody Harrelson appeared as incarcerated s ...View More

Aquaman’s Jason Momoa And Nicole Kidman Congratulate Zoe Kravitz On The Batman Casting

53 minutes ago The next Batman movie took another big step forward recently when  ...View More

9 More Hilarious Jungle Cruise Jokes We Need To Hear In The Movie

9 seconds ago The original Jungle Cruise was a day one att ...View More

Jesse Eisenberg Suspects He Won't Play Lex Luthor Again

1 hour ago While Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman:  ...View More

Chris Hemsworth Says Avengers: Endgame’s Script Wasn’t Complete During Filming

3 hours ago Typically, when it comes to the security of the script to a film like ...View More

The First Trailer For Vin Diesel's Bloodshot Is Coming With Terminator: Dark Fate

5 minutes ago Just like this year, 2020 is chock full of huge comic book movies,  ...View More

The Secret To Will Smith’s Gemini Man Performance Was The ‘Virgin Walk’

45 minutes ago Will Smith worked double duty on his recent movie Gemini Man. Than ...View More

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